Zen & Gym

Orane Trillard, creator of this new independent gym club in Toulouse, came to me early 2018 to design the brand identity of her company.

Specialized in body and mind wellness, Zen & Gym is a place in the heart of a gorgeous city building, where women can take a break and take care of them self. Orane is taking a great care of her clients by offering a real relaxing and self care space, she needed a brand identity that reflect that state a mind and fits with the place.

The brand identity is inspired by the chakras, each of the seven points of the body where the vital energy is concentrated in yoga. They are making the balance between body and mind. A rounded font and the use of circle, highlight the fact that this is a safe and intimate place where self-being is the key word.

Half circles also remind us the arch of the building. Then, the branding was deployed on signs, flyers, social media, website…