Le petit espanté

Need vacation? I know! That why I invite you home, I mean to my beautiful region in the French countryside: the Tarn. I guess you’re wondering ‘But where it is?’ The Tarn is located in the south west of France in the Occitanie region. Ok, I admit, this is not the first place you think about for idyllic vacations. But think about it twice, ‘Idyllic’ qualifies ‘an action, a situation in which everything goes wonderfully well’ and THAT is possible in the Tarn!

Walk around the historical city centre in Albi, taste Gaillac wines, some cold cuts and ‘foie gras’ from south west, have a lunch near the river (and swim in it!), escape in small villages or take a walk in the vineyard. I’m sure you can picture it!

An atmosphere that inspire me to design a magazine for the Tarn, in collaboration with AR Magazine redactors, about all the great experiences to live under the sun of the region. You will find some practical information, best places to visit with a design that inspires a cosy and rustic ambiance.

This is the Tarn.