Local Producers Map

Each territory has its own wealth, and that theses specialties that make the land so special.

My professional experience in the tourism industry gave me a different outlook on my surroundings. Highlight the local producers who give the area its appeal was my mission. We always say that to really know a country you have to live like the locals and meet them, it is the same here, visiting a new region is meeting the producers who are making the territory what it is today.

My job has been to promote these creators, from the smallest to the biggest, in order to publicize their work by inviting the Tarn population as well as tourists to participate in friendly but also trendy events, as close to the land.

That’s why I’ve produced a leaflet grouping together all the summer activities planned at the producers: gourme walks, tasting of honey and cheese or even night markets and day at the farm; but also the directory of good addresses to find our talented producers.  Country events are becoming more and more up to date, it is not just a matter of getting a closer look at what we consume on daily basis, but of creating memories and living an experience.

Soon, when I’ll ask you: to what do you think when I say Tarn ? The words : « Authenticity – Share – Fun » will pop-up to your mind!