Eat up’

To meet consumer expectations, Newrest the multisector catering company I’m currently working in, has designed a portfolio of internal brands such as Eat Up’. The point of this policy is to adapt part of the offering to precisely match specific regional consumer practices.

This concept was created as a Newrest Group retail proprietary brand. It was ask to our marketing department to create a brand of grab and go shop for a food and beverage low price offer. This store will be located in various places such as airport, hospital, university… the branding has to adapt each location.

I chose the yellow as a main colour to give the brand a dynamic impulse. Added to black and white, this colour makes the place dynamic and appealing, it will also highlight some spot in the place like the coffee shop, fridges…

The branding is declined on packaging too, which is a important part of the grab and go offer because that way the costumer is taking the brand with him.