‘Vegan cuisine’ book

Current health, environment and animal well-being concerns are having a knock-on effect in the food sector with specific diets growing in popularity.

Newrest, multi-sector catering company in which I’m currently working in, is being aware of trends and consummation mode. Wishing to offer its customers quality products that meet their requirements, my mission for this company was to develop this vegetable book in collaboration with dieticians.

Dietary vegan cuisine introduces, or reintroduces, various foods in the preparatory stages to ensure comprehensive nutritional benefits with attention to esthetics and taste. To highlight the products I chose to use a minimalist design combine with colorful and product centered pictures to remind us that cooking is first a selection of good and fresh ingredients

The goal of this book was to find the perfect balance between simplicity and creativity to touch a large range of costumers just like the Chefs when they made up the recipes.