Brins d’Oc’

Brin d’Oc’ is a homemade bakery created by Alain Morère, a former Chef from the south west of France. Passionate about food and good products, he decided to create his own bakery brand to share its local specialties out of the region. Bake directly from a small lab in his house’s basement the products are freshly made with no additives.

The company needed to have a strong brand identity and a visual language that reflect the quality of artisanal products in order to gain legitimacy and find clients. I’ve decided to answer to that need by creating an identity that can be use as a signature on the products.

The capital B, in serif font used as a monogram is a symbol of quality and authenticity. The hand drawn wheat branch reflects the natural and homemade products by illustrating the original stage of the ingredient.

I chose the yellow, wheat color, added to dark grey to reflect the quality and the exclusivity of the products. This brand identity is declined on several products such as sweet biscuits, salted biscuits and meringues. On each packaging I chose a main color added to the dark grey to highlight the product flavor.